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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Your Alternative to Premarin

Women ask me all the time, "What do I take instead of
premarin? I'm not willing to going back to feeling lousy

You do have options. Many options in fact!

I encourage all women to do their homework, but after
you've done your research, follow through on your plan.

You've heard all about the horrible ways the horses are
being treated in my previous post as well as throughout
the media. Let's help not only the horses, but most
importantly, yourselves! Stop using premarin.

Get yourself a hormone test panel. Saliva testing is one
of the most accurate tests available for checking your
hormone levels.

Once you have your test done, take the creams or
herbs that are recommended consistently. Usually
morning and night, for at least 3-6 months. It all
depends how long you've taken premarin. It seems
the longer you've been on premarin, the longer it takes
to balance your hormones.

Keep coming back to this blog to learn how you
can keep your hormones balanced...without premarin.

Until next time,
Dr. Judy

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